Imagination + Outdoors = Pure Joy

Last weekend, druing our family reunion, I visited a delightful restaurant. It was managed by my industrious and imaginative eight-year-old nephew and staffed by his creative cousins. On the menu were Crunchy Leaf Kabobs, Delicious Dirt Smoothies, Smashed Acorn Soup, and Green Grass Gravy.

Nature’s Naturals opened up Saturday morning faster than you can say, “No internet connection.” With both a drive thru and sit down menu, the staff were busy stomping acorns, and smashing leaves all day.

This was old school, low tech, and no equipment needed kind of play. No adult organization nevessary, just the great outdoors and a child’s imagination. It was a wonderful reminder of why children NEED undirected play time. They need the opportunity and space to experiment and explore.

Next weekend I hope you and your kids go outside and plan – absolutley NOTHING! Let them invent their own play world and see how their imagination explodes.

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Author of books that make kids want to read. History detective, science nerd, craft queen and lover of all things weird and wacky.

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