Chasing Mary Anning

I’m off on an adventure to walk in the footsteps of paleontologist, Mary Anning. In case you’ve been sleeping under a fossil and haven’t heard of this remarkable woman, let me introduce you. Mary was born into a poor, and I mean dirt-poor family in 1799. How poor were they? Living next to the jailContinue reading “Chasing Mary Anning”

Imagination + Outdoors = Pure Joy

Last weekend, druing our family reunion, I visited a delightful restaurant. It was managed by my industrious and imaginative eight-year-old nephew and staffed by his creative cousins. On the menu were Crunchy Leaf Kabobs, Delicious Dirt Smoothies, Smashed Acorn Soup, and Green Grass Gravy. Nature’s Naturals opened up Saturday morning faster than you can say,Continue reading “Imagination + Outdoors = Pure Joy”

Meet Author Nancy Churnin!

Nancy Churnin writes the most wonderful biographies. They are stories that show the heart and soul of the individual, stories that inspire readers to be their best self and stretch for their dreams. Books like Manjhi Moves a Mountain – about a man who literally moved a mountain one bucket at a time, to help theContinue reading “Meet Author Nancy Churnin!”

Celebrating Lincoln with Free Activities and lesson Plans!

LINCOLN CLEARS A PATH is a fresh look at some of Abraham Lincoln’s amazing accomplishments. Written by Peggy Thomas and illustrated by Stacy Innerst, this picture book examines how Lincoln’s life growing up in a farming community affected his presidency and his creation of the Department of Agriculture, the Homestead Act, and the Emancipation Proclamation.Continue reading “Celebrating Lincoln with Free Activities and lesson Plans!”

Absolutely Truly – I love this book!

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? My latest middlegrade book crush is ABSOLUTELY TRULY by Heather Vogel Frederick. I highly reccommend this for a heartwarming winter read. The adventure begins when Truly Lovejoy’s family moves from Texas to the tiny town of Pumkin Falls, New Hampshire. Her solider father, is recovering fromContinue reading “Absolutely Truly – I love this book!”


Wow! 2020 has been a year – Right? Covid, economic shut-down, campaigns, home schooling, quarantine, protests, fires, elections, and still more covid. It’s the year that just keeps giving. How have you coped with all the stress? I have friends who have taken up new creative pursuits like watercolor, woodworking, and bread making. Other friendsContinue reading “STRESS Reliever – GIVE AWAY!”

Applesause Day Free Lesson Plans

Looking for a way to add some fun to your learning this fall? Whether you are a parent teaching from home, a teacher leading a virtual class, or working in a socially distanced classroom, you can still celebrate fall with Applesause Day. This delightful book by author Lisa Amstutz tells the farm to table storyContinue reading “Applesause Day Free Lesson Plans”