Reviving Creativity

Are you a creative? Do you write, sew, paint, sing, cook, or craft? Do your fingers itch to create? Does your mind bubble with ideas? Being a creative person usually fills life with joy and adventure.

Until the day it doesn’t.

Every creative has dry spells. The blank page stares back with no words or pictures. The ideas feel flat or nonexistent. You wonder if it’s a temporary creative block, or if this is the new normal. A life without imagination and ingenuity? Unbearable.

How do you revive your innovative spark? I’ve got seven suggestions to stimulate inspiration and get you back on the road to originality.

Learn Something New – The brain thrives with the challenge of learning. Tackling a new skill floods the brain with dopamine, develops new neural pathways, and relieves stress.

Consult with Colleagues – Two heads are definitely better than one. When you feel stuck talking with a fellow creative may be just the solution. Bouncing ideas off each other can lead to innovation. It also helps to fell the support of friends.

Get Out in Nature – Studies show that time spent in nature reduces stress and anxiety while increasing the brain’s capacity for concentration and creativity.

Visit a Museum – Viewing wonderful works of art, investigating historical events, or strolling through halls of history may give your brain the new ideas you’ve been seeking. Be sure to take a notebook along to jot down your insights.

Doodle -Get out your colored pencils, crayons, or marker and Play! Remember the childhood joy of coloring? Letting your mind explore shapes and colors can free your brain from thought patterns and allow new ideas to flow. It’s also a great stress reliever!

Travel – Seeing something new expands you mind and stimulates creativity. You don’t have to travel across the globe to reap the benefits of travel. Take a day trip to a spot you’ve never visited. Go to a new store or restaurant.

Play with Your Toys – Do you have a collection? Pull it out. Rearrange it. Let it inspire you. Love Legos? Or models? Build something. Love antiques? Polish yours or shop for new ones. Indulge yourself with what you already love. Your brain will find comfort in the familiar and new ideas may come from old loves.

Published by stephaniebearce

Author of books that make kids want to read. History detective, science nerd, craft queen and lover of all things weird and wacky.

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