Retreat to Renew

I’d been feeling a little gray. Lifeless and leafless as the trees outside. My creativity sunk in the March mud. How could I pull myself out of my winter funk?

A writer’s retreat!

With the help of my writing buddy Nicki Jacobsmeyer, we gathered 13 brilliant brains in a castle on the lake and found renewal. We also found wine, chocolate, stories about wild west romance, a magical flying caravan, and some killer poetry. Of COURSE my spirits were lifted!

I’m home now where the mornings of Brain Trust and evenings of sharing our stories are just a memory. But those memories are the sparks I need to fuel my own creative fires. Ideas are percolating. Excitement is building. And pushing through the March mud are the green shoots of new life and new projects.

If you feel flat, zapped, and unproductive maybe it’s time to take your own retreat. And if you’re interested in joining me on the next retreat adventure… send me a comment or a message. I’d love to hang out with you!!

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Author of books that make kids want to read. History detective, science nerd, craft queen and lover of all things weird and wacky.

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