Winter Bird Fun! And FREE Lesson Plans!

Winter is a wonderful time to introduce little ones to the fun of birding. And it’s a great activity for classrooms, homeschoolers or fun family time. If you want to teach your little ones about birding – I have just the book for you. PLUS I wrote some fun FREE lesson pans.

FINDING A DOVE FOR GRAMPS is the creation of author Lisa J. Amstutz. ( fellow Nonfiction Ninja) This book tells the charming story of a boy participating in the Christmas bird count and his quest to spy Gramps’ favorite bird.

Lisa is an avid birder and she believes that getting kids interested in birding is a wonderful way to encourage a life-long relationship with nature. Birds live in backyards, and city trees. The can be found on every continent and in every climate. You don’t need any special equipment to watch birds, so they make the perfect subject for introductory animal observations.

If you want to add birds to your classroom, or family time, I highly recommend FINDING A DOVE FOR GRAMPS and be sure to check out my free lesson plans that go along with the book! To Download the free lessons just click on the link below.

Happy birding!!!

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