Wow! 2020 has been a year – Right?

Covid, economic shut-down, campaigns, home schooling, quarantine, protests, fires, elections, and still more covid. It’s the year that just keeps giving.

How have you coped with all the stress? I have friends who have taken up new creative pursuits like watercolor, woodworking, and bread making. Other friends have escaped to the outdoors to explore new hiking trails, watch birds, and start gardens. One crazy friend has taken up marathon running. Just thinking about that gives me stress.

As for me – I’ve taken up doll making. I’ve had so much fun sewing huggable cloth dolls

and their wardrobes. It felt like I was creating a story and an imaginary life for each one. I made shoes with tiny ribbons and buttons. They have outfits for school or parties, and of course cute nighties. They even have lacy underpants! It gave me joy to create each one.

Now It’s going to give me great joy to give them away!

I want to end 2020 by giving some joy to you dear readers! If you have a little girl in your life who would like a sweet doll leave a comment and tell me about her! I will do a random drawing and give away TEN dolls.

You can enter the drawing by doing one or more of the following things (the more you do – the more chances you have to win!!!) Subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram or twitter, or comment on this blog post. I can’t wait to see who will be receiving one of my girls!!

I’ll announce the winners in January!!!!

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Author of books that make kids want to read. History detective, science nerd, craft queen and lover of all things weird and wacky.

10 thoughts on “STRESS Reliever – GIVE AWAY!

  1. I have two daughters, one is Mabel who is 10 and a glasses advocate for children to try and get as many illustrators and books to include positive images of glasses. She has worked hard at reviewing books and now has over 2,200 followers on twitter under Mabel book review. She got a badge maker for Christmas and is going to give out glasses club badges to children and opticians. I’m really proud of her.


  2. Caroline loves her little scientist doll (especially since she got her glasses and it’s one of her only dolls with glasses “just like her”!). She would love for her to have a little friend!


    1. I’m so glad she likes the doll. I have glasses with lots of my dolls, because I wore them when I was young, too.


  3. My grand daughter is Macy and would love one of your dolls to join a tea party with her , her doll Maribelle and her Grammie Susan . Macy is 4 and attends preschool . She loves to draw and practice writing letters . She also loves to help in the kitchen 😊


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