Applesause Day Free Lesson Plans

Looking for a way to add some fun to your learning this fall? Whether you are a parent teaching from home, a teacher leading a virtual class, or working in a socially distanced classroom, you can still celebrate fall with Applesause Day.

This delightful book by author Lisa Amstutz tells the farm to table story of creating applesauce. Follow Maria and her family as they pick apples and then follow Grandma’s recipe, cutting, cooking, and tasting delicious applesauce. Enjoy the FREE lesson plans I created to do some apple math, science, and art.

Apples are a great part of our American heritage and agriculture. Apples arrived with the settlers at James in 1607, and the first formal apple orchards were planted by the pilgrims in Massachusttes Bay. At first apples were mainly used for cider, but as farmers cultivated the seeds and blossoms, it became the sweet fruit we enjoy today.

Apples are grown in every state in the nation and are the third most important fruit crop in the United States. American farmers produce 48,000 tons of apples every year with every American eating 19 pounds of apples. There are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States, but American’s favorite apple is the Gala.

Ready to make an apple pie? You will need two pounds of apples for a nine-inch pie. Apples are fat sodium and cholesteral free and are a great source of fiber. They are the perfect snack and the perfect fruit for a class to study!

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